SoftNote Brings Bitcoin to Real-World Transactions with Live Staking

• SoftNote introduces a fully backed and redeemable cash system, enabling seamless real-world transactions and rewarding users in the process.
• $TET had a successful launch on ETH Network and has been listed on UNISWAP.
• SoftNote is now offering live staking opportunities, the launch of the Bitcoin SoftNote system, and an ongoing airdrop campaign.

SoftNote: The Ultimate Bitcoin Layer-2 Scaling Solution

SoftNote is transforming the way transactions occur in the crypto world by introducing a fully backed and redeemable cash system, enabling seamless real-world transactions while also rewarding users for their participation. Powered by Tectum, SoftNote offers simplicity, security, and privacy making it an ideal solution for Bitcoin scaling.

$TET Listing on ETH Network & UNISWAP

The native token of SoftNote – $TET – has recently launched with strong traction after its listing on decentralized exchange (DEX). At its all-time high (ATH), early investors earned a 340% return on investment (ROI) with $TET currently having a market cap of approximately $2 million exhibiting strong potential for further growth.

Live Staking Opportunity With UniCrypt Pool

SoftNote is pleased to announce that $TET staking is now live allowing users to participate in the UniCrypt staking pool which offers attractive rewards for staking their tokens. By staking for two months or more participants can enjoy minimum Annual Percentage Yields (APY) of 60%. This provides users with a secure and profitable means of engaging with the ecosystem.

Bitcoin Softnote System & Airdrop Campaign

The Softnote system is also launching its own Bitcoin Softnote system to enhance user experience while expanding its ecosystem further still through an ongoing Airdrop campaign where users can earn rewards just by participating!


Softnote’s innovative solutions are creating new possibilities for seamless real-world transactions while offering attractive reward systems that benefit both investors and regular users alike. With continued growth seen since its listing on DEX/CEX platforms as well as recent advancements such as Live Staking opportunities, this project shows great promise moving forward!